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A properly managed random testing program is one of the strongest components of a company’s comprehensive substance abuse prevention plan.  Clients choose to conduct random testing to meet a variety of regulatory and safety needs.
Some clients are required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to place safety-sensitive employees such as truck drivers and school bus drivers into a random program.Others clients conduct random testing in order to receive discounts from their states Workers' Compensation insurance premiums.
Many clients simply value the "deterrence" effect that a well-managed random testing program can have on drug abuse in the workplace.All clients benefit when a random testing program helps to reduce the costs of lost productivity, property damage, and property theft.

Before each random selection is performed, Work Loss Management will verify the number of tests that have been completed so far against the goal set for the year.  We will increase or decrease the number of employees to be selected accordingly.  Our random generator is computer-driven and has a built-in tracking system to ensure the integrity of the random selections.

Work Loss Management will notify each random selection to the Designated Employer Representative (DER) of your company. 

Work Loss Management will guide you through the regulatory issues regarding the random selection process and provide further suggestions regarding the administration of a successful random program.

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