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Work Loss Management is an occupational health management firm specializing in medical services for business and industry. Since its inception in 1987, Work Loss Management has been providing both medical surveillance programs and substance abuse testing services for clients nationwide.

Drugs in the workplace is widespread throughout the American workforce. America’s businesses pay a high price for substance abuse. More and more employers have established substance abuse programs to respond to the problems created by drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Numerous studies show that an effective, consistently applied Drug-Free Program can significantly increase productivity, improve customer service, reduce theft, increase security and foster a safer and more productive work environment. Once an effective policy is established, business owners benefit from increased effectiveness; fewer accidents on the job and therefore fewer workers' compensation claims; lower turnover and absenteeism and reduced health and mental health insurance claims.

Work Loss Management is ready to implement your drug testing program. Our professional staff has years of experience in this field, and has an in-depth knowledge of Occupational Health & Safety, the Federal Highway Administration Workplace Controlled Substance Abuse Testing Program, and the Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988.  Let our experience and knowledge work for you.

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